Game Info

Howlbreath is a multi-player online role playing game developed by Howlbreath LLC. The game client is free to download and play, just be sure to read and follow the rules.

Creating an Account

To create an account, download the application and launch it. Within the application, you can create an account. You will need a valid email address. The security of a user's account is the responsibility of each user, so we recommend that you select a strong password and do not share it nor your account name with anybody.

Game Play

After creating a character, you will start in a neutral area as a drifter with no affiliation to a town. You will be able to continue this way until level 20, at which point you will have to join a town to continue increasing your level. Slay enemy monsters to gain experience. As you increase in level, navigate to the Level Up menu to choose which stats to increase. Increasing vitality will help you survive. Increasing strength and dexterity will raise your fighting proficiency. Increasing intelligence and magic will allow you to learn spells and cast them. A lot of spells can be purchased from a town's wizard, others can be learned through manuals. Be careful to only harm enemy monsters and towns people; there are consequences for turning against friendly creatures.


As time passes, your character will get hungry if s/he doesn't eat. You will see messages that let you know when this happens. As your character becomes hungrier, s/he will regenerating less HP/MP/SP. If your character is starving, s/he may stop regenerating completely. You can fight hunger by eating food items. Each food item will reduce hunger by a different amount depending on the item. If your character is hungry, you may need to eat several items to satisfy them. Additionally, when food is consumed, your character will get a 1 time boost to HP regeneration the next time they regenerate HP.


You can find new quests by speaking to the person when you first create a character or by speaking to the person outside of City Hall. Some quests can only be completed once. Daily quests can be completed multiple times. After you have completed the day's daily quest allotment, you will not be able to complete any more daily quests until the next day. Use CTRL+Q (default) to toggle the quest dialog on/off.

Cape of Destruction

The Cape of Destruction can initially be picked up from the ground in the Contested Land. This cape greatly increases all damage to whoever wears it, but only one person can ever wear it at a time. This item ALWAYS drops if the owner dies. This item is also LOST if the owner logs out or leaves the Contested Land (it resets to the ground for another person to take it). The map in CL will always tell you where the cape is and who owns it. Seek out the owner then take them down and the cape is yours!

Upgrading Weapons & Armor

Weapons and armor can be upgraded using Stones of Blood and Stones of Preservation, respectively. These stones can be found by slaying monsters. To upgrade, double click either stone, then drag and drop the item to upgrade and click the 'Upgrade' button. Every upgrade has a chance to fail, which will still consume the stone. If the item is already +5 or above, the upgrade also has a chance for the item to degrade and lose 1 upgrade (for example, a +5 could degrade to +4). Each +1 to a weapon will increase damage; each +1 to a piece of armor will increase defense. The maximum upgrade is +15.

Character Stats

  • Strength: Allows player to equip heavier weapons/armor and swing weapons faster. Increases damage of physical attacks.
  • Dexterity: Increases player's probability of hitting with physical attacks and increases player's probability of dodging a physical attack.
  • Vitality: Increases player's max HP and ability to regenerate HP. Slightly decreases damages received.
  • Intelligence: Allows player to learn more powerful spells. Increases player's cast probabilities and magic damages
  • Magic: Increases player's max MP and ability to regenerate MP.
  • Charisma: Needed to create a guild and become a guildmaster. Increases player's luck

  • Shortcuts

    Many of these hot keys can be rebound using the system dialog (default F12)

  • TAB: Toggle battle mode on/off
  • F1: Help
  • F2: Bound Action (bind w/CTRL+F2)
  • F3: Bound Action (bind w/CTRL+F3)
  • F4: Re-cast last spell
  • F5: Toggle Character Dialog
  • F6: Toggle Bag
  • F7: Toggle Spells Dialog
  • F8: Toggle Skills Dialog
  • F9: Toggle Chat Dialog
  • F11: Toggle transparent dialogs
  • F12: Toggle System Dialog
  • INSERT: Drink a red potion
  • DELETE: Drink a blue potion
  • CTRL+A: Toggle whether or not CTRL is required to attack friendly targets
  • CTRL+D: Cycle through various graphics detail levels
  • CTRL+M: Toggle map on/off (must have a map in your bag)
  • CTRL+T: Enter whisper mode w/character under cursor
  • CTRL+<number>: Open Spells Dialog to circle <number>
  • CTRL+P: Toggle party dialog or invite player under cursor
  • CTRL+F: Toggle between full screen and windowed mode
  • CTRL+U: Unequip shield
  • CTRL+Q: Toggle quest dialog
  • ALT+SHIFT: Show name of an item on the ground
  • ALT+[0-9]: Charge bound spell (bind last casted spell with CTRL+ALT+[0-9])

  • Commands

  • /to {char_name}: enable whisper mode with {char_name} or disable whisper mode
  • /tooff <char_name>: prohibit receiving chats from <char_name>
  • /toon <char_name>: allow receiving chats from <char_name>
  • /rep+ <char_name>: add reputation to <char_name>
  • /rep- <char_name>: remove reputation from <char_name>
  • /setpf <profile_str>: set your profile to <profile_str> that others can view
  • /pf <char_name>: read <char_name>'s profile
  • /tgt <char_name>: command summoned creatures to attack <char_name>
  • /hold: command summoned creatures to stop everything
  • /free: command summoned creatures to freely attack enemies
  • /follow: command summoned creatures to follow you without attacking
  • /kill: command summoned creatures to depart
  • /fps: enable display showing FPS
  • /latency: enable display showing latency with the server
  • /timer: enable display showing 0-59 second timer
  • /fi: check if a character is connected
  • /party : invite a player to join your party
  • /partykick : kick player out of your party