Notifications & Updates

2023-12-08: New version v1.25.3 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Fix issue with logging in due to ISPs dropping packets
  • 2023-02-06: New version v1.24.14 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add Stones of Preservation/Blood for upgrading weapons and armor (see website Game Info for more details)
  • Add Champion Capes (purchase with enemy kills via city hall)
  • Add /timer command that displays a seconds timer
  • Add ALT+double click in bag to equip entire armor set
  • Add hot key for enabling/disabling CTRL guard for attacking friendly targets
  • Save last chat type to make consecutive party/guild/etc chats easier
  • Prevent map item from dropping on death
  • Increase allowed number of dailies per day to 15
  • Increase Lava Stone drop rate
  • Increase drop rates of various items
  • Fix bug with hotkeys triggering when typing chat/commands
  • Fix bug with knight weapon damages
  • 2023-01-24: New version v1.22.33 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Modify mining rocks so that some are much easier to mine
  • Increase gold amount and drop rate from higher level monsters
  • Reduce rarity of gold/silver/mystic ores, rubies, emeralds, and magic essence
  • Remove howlers from initial undergrounds near towns
  • Increase experience from Reapers
  • Increase sale amount of manufactured bars
  • Increase sale amount of weapons and armor with special properties
  • Add monster pit locations to main town maps
  • Add several very rare item drops (see monster webpage)
  • Fix bug with F5 character not displaying on widescreen monitors
  • Fix bug with +gold weapon property
  • Fix bug with "fishing aborted" displaying when fishing was not attempted
  • Fix bug with undergrounds near towns so that they do not trigger town limit recalls
  • 2022-12-13: New version v1.22.28 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Updated background terrain to use higher resolution textures
  • Updated maps to reflect new backgrounds
  • Add santa suits
  • Make safe mode hot key (default HOME) reconfigurable
  • 2022-12-06: New version v1.21.6 now available for download and auto-update. Small update to correct a problem seen with recent AMD graphics card driver updates that caused frame rate to drop tremendously when drawing some of the special effects. The most noticeable being the dust effect when you run was causing the FPS to drop below 20 in most cases. This no longer occurs with v1.21.6

    2022-11-23: New version v1.21.4 now available for download and auto-update. Small patch to v1.21.3 which corrects an issue with the Cape of Destruction sometimes incorrectly showing on maps where it isn't available

    2022-11-23: New version v1.21.3 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add Cape of Destruction
  • Add limited time turkey quest and turkeys fluttering throughout town
  • This update adds the Cape of Destruction which can initially be picked up from the ground in the Contested Land. This cape greatly increases all damage to whoever wears it, but only one person can ever wear it at a time. This item ALWAYS drops if the owner dies. This item is also LOST if the owner logs out or leaves the Contested Land (it resets to the ground for another person to take it). Also, the map in CL will always tell you where the cape is and who has it. Take down the owner and the cape is yours!

    2022-11-16: New version v1.20.20 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add support for quests with rewards
  • Add various boss type quests and daily quests to aid leveling
  • CTRL+Q to open quest dialog, talk to NPC outside City Hall to start quests
  • Change game default to full screen exclusive (CTRL+F) to toggle windowed mode
  • Fix issue sometimes preventing item drop in buildings
  • Add popup messages for important information and server broadcasts
  • Fix exp gain msg missing when it resulted in level up
  • Fix archery critical attacks
  • Slight change to item description fore/background colors to make easier to read
  • 2022-10-28: New version v1.19.36 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Correct shadow issues on some objects
  • Update building interiors
  • Add feature to map that allows moving with double click
  • Fix level up dialog requiring slow clicks
  • Modify graphics for arrows so they fly into targets
  • Correct occasional bug when exiting guild hall that moved player to the wrong place
  • Small update to NPC and player sounds
  • Reduce purchaseable spell costs
  • Small increase to damages of low level spells
  • 2022-10-21: New version v1.19.25 now available for download and auto-update. *********** Note that chat has changed so that only the ENTER key will start letting you type into chat/cmd ****************
  • Modify chat so that only the ENTER key initiates typing chat
  • Add ability to re-bind keys using a new Hot Keys dialog via the System dialog
  • Update inventory bag so that you can CTRL+drag to auto stagger items
  • Add help question mark to inventory bag
  • Change new items in bag inventory so they stagger on entry
  • Correct issue with drag and drop on other players/NPCs sometimes shows drop dialog (should be give/trade/sell)
  • Remove level limit from entry underground areas
  • Add reasoning msg if a /rep cmd is rejected
  • Correct bug in poison resistance calculations
  • Increase double axe damage
  • Decrease arrow price and increase arrow stack size
  • Modify how party member exp gains are distributed so that each member gets somewhat more than a direct lvl-based ratio. Distributions are still based on levels, but every member gets more exp now. This makes it so that it is generally beneficial for people to hunt in a party versus solo.
  • Minor modifications to various text colors and sizes to make them more readable
  • Add help question mark to chat history dialog
  • Correct snake proportions
  • 2022-10-17: New version v1.19.6 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add recovery logic if a cached file fails to load
  • Add error handling to let user know the issue if a content file fails to load
  • Add logic to prevent dialogs from being dragged off screen
  • 2022-10-11: We release on Steam tomorrow (10/12). To kick off the steam release, we're running an event for players to earn prizes as they play, check out the forum post for more information

    2022-10-10: New version v1.19.3 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add support for updating steam stats and achievements
  • Add support for popping up steam stat progress w/skill increases at increments of 10
  • Increase exp gain from most monsters
  • Increase manufacturing skill gain when making weapons and armor
  • Increase hit probability when dashing
  • 2022-10-05: New version v1.18.2 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Fix broken walls in jail
  • Modify client so that it checks for a version update on launch instead of only during login
  • Add quick cast spell buttons to main UI bar at bottom of the screen, these are attached to the ALT+# bound spells and can also be populated by dragging spells from the spells dialog
  • 2022-09-30: New version v1.17.8 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add dynamic shadows to graphics. These use a fair amount of resources; you can disable them in the system dialog menu if desired. They also turn off with low and medium graphics detailed (CTRL+D to cycle)
  • Add feature for system dialog settings to save and be persistent when closing/re-opening the game
  • Reduce monster densities in graveyards and center CL island to make them easier to fight
  • 2022-09-26: New version v1.16.1 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Add logic to prevent create account timeouts if it takes a while to enter the email code
  • Update initial loading screen to be more representative of load progress
  • Remove load issue message from loading screen for computers that load slowly
  • 2022-09-22: New version v1.15.1 now available for download and auto-update.
  • Correct problem with connection timing out when taking over 10 minutes to create a character
  • Correct system/loud chat msgs so they do not prevent clicking to walk/run
  • Remove blending on loud chat msgs in main game view to make them easier to read
  • Add an indicator that shows progress and abort status when fishing
  • Add maps to Arbranau/Ecdelton underground areas
  • 2022-09-20: New version v1.13.1 now available for download and auto-update. Added support for steam users to auto-create accounts and login using their steam account. We are currently adding Howlbreath to steam, though it will not be available there for a few more weeks.

    2022-09-08: New version v1.12.0 now available for download and auto-update. Small change to fix ALT+SHIFT ground items when an entity is standing on the item

    2022-09-07: New version v1.11.1 now available for download and auto-update. Changes for this version:
  • Fix bug in damage calculation with ancient weapons
  • Modify color of ancient weapons to be brighter
  • Make wand drops get cast probability stat most of the time
  • Add logic to prevent player from immediately running toward cast location after casting
  • Add bar to display hunger above the SP bar
  • Add ALT+SHIFT feature to view name of items on ground
  • Make weapons on ground slightly bigger to make easier to see
  • Modify target logic to make it easier to physically attack entities
  • Small modification to brilliant/exceptional potions
  • Add logic to make trees transparent when player walks behind them
  • Add weapon damage/defense info to character dialog
  • Add CTRL+U to quickly unequip shields
  • Increase cast probability contribution of intelligence for lower circles
  • Fix bug in cast probability calculations (results in minor increases for higher circles)
  • Fix spells dialog sometimes showing stale cast probabilities
  • Add HP/MP/SP bars to party members when you mouse over them
  • Move scorpion pits in CL closer to towns away from harder monsters
  • Add ALT+number spell binding/casting, see help pages or info site for more
  • 2022-09-01: New version v1.10.0 now available for download and auto-update. Changes for this version:
  • Bug correction so that poison damage does not interrupt casting
  • Bug correction to allow invisibility cast/scroll/potion in PVP safe zones
  • Increase number of mining rocks and big fish spots through world
  • Add item number and weight limit indicators to bag dialog
  • 2022-08-31: New version v1.9.2 now available for download and auto-update. Changes for this version:
  • howlbreath_updater.exe was updated to display progress while downloading updates. Note: you need to download this from the download page manually as it will not update itself
  • Increase size of snakes & ants to make them easier to attack
  • Increase chat box text default size and add buttons for changing size
  • Increase size of ant parts to make them easier to see
  • Correct Barracks to allow levels 0-50
  • 2022-08-30: New version v1.9.1 now available for download and auto-update. This version adds several UI updates including updates to the maps to help players find underground entrances and updates to dialogs to better describe skill limits, weapon/armor stats, and spell manual intelligence requirements. Town/global chat colors were modified slightly to make them easier to read in the chat box. Manufactured shields were previously not providing any bonus when over endurance; this was fixed and they are now providing the bonus. Berzerk visual effect was toned down (less bright now) to make it look more appeasing.
    This is also the first update such that our EV code signing certificate is supposed to actually work. Please let us know if you see any issues downloading or installing!

    2022-08-25: New version v1.8.1 now available for download and auto-update. This version updates some of the messaging between client/server and corrects issues found when users with latencies around 200ms change maps. It also should make gameplay smoother with latencies up to around a half second

    2022-08-20: We had an issue where the client/server login sequence wasn't working correctly for some NATs (Network Address Translators). NATs are used by commercial ISPs to translate local IP/ports (192.168.* often) into public versions. We found that some NATs were changing the client IP/port at times that weren't expected causing issues with the server identifying connections. We believe we have corrected the issue, though we don't have a NAT where we saw the problem to test with, so please email us if you experience any more problems. If you experienced any login issues due to this issue in the past (or especially if you still see issues), please let us know! We'd like to verify the changes are working correctly.

    2022-08-10: The installer and client are no longer throwing warnings when you download and run! We're still pursuing the long term solution of paying a CA for a code signing certificate, but in the mean time the only difference should be that it shows "unknown publisher" when you install.

    2022-08-09: The client has been updated to version 1.6.3 which includes various starting zone updates and ability to party with other players We've run the installer and application with Microsoft's scanning tool, both came back 100% clean and they said they would remove it in future definition updates. We aren't seeing the removal yet and are also pursuing another path that should help (basically pay a bunch of money to a CA), this will likely take a week or so, maybe more.

    2022-08-05: It has been brought to our attention that Windows Defender & SmartScreen are incorrectly flagging the installer/client as malicious We are investigating why, there definitely isn't anything malicious here!

    2022-08-02: The first verion has been released (v1.5.1) You can now download the client, create an account, and start playing!

    2022-07-19: Howlbreath is still in finishing stages and not yet available. Updates will be posted here as it completes and is ready for download.