My thoughts so far

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My thoughts so far

Postby ZUUL » Sat Apr 29, 2023 12:50 am

Hey man I like the game and see a lot of potential.

My suggestions.

It's a bit too hard at the beginning. I played for hours with my character naked with just like a dagger, killing slimes. Make leveling a little faster, add a wider variety of quests and items and monsters (add more monsters that drop items, at the very least newbies should be able to get a basic set of noob gear easily from killing monsters near the spawn point). People like to feel the progress of leveling up, gaining items and new skills and spells etc. ESPECIALLY early on or they will lose interest fast and it shouldn't take 20 hours of game play to get basic equipment and like 10 levels all from the same quests killing the same mobs.

Which brings me to my next issue. Magicians seem useless. You have to buy all spells as far as I have seen (level 17 and I have not a single spell (why don't I have a level 1 spell to start off with?) I still struggle to kill anything but slimes and ants, and the ants sometimes still gang up on my and can kill me. At this point I have a full set up of equipment with the best defense I can seem to achieve at my level, seems like that should be enough for me to move on to a different hunting ground, right?

A lot of spells require like 50 or 100 magic or something, but in order to survive at all or equip any gear you need tons of strength. So essentially to get a lot of these spells you'd have to be like, what, level 100? (since you have to dump your early stats into strength for gear and because you have no spells or reason to use magic)

There should be skills and spells for warriors and magicians alike that they gain from leveling, early on especially. Needs to be some kind of faster travel spell (like a teleport, attack run etc.) multi attacks and aoe spells are a must. A portal spell so I can easily get back to certain locations without always having to walk there would be nice. You get the gist.

The inventory is a mess, everything is all jumbled up together, I am constantly trying to reorganize it which is tedious. Potions need to stack, please. Maybe switch to a inventory that lists all of your items by name with a simple picture next to it to identify them? Or organize them all in their own boxes like diablo.

Hunger. Idk that this is needed, not sure what it adds to the fun of the game imo, but if you must have it, it needs to be tweaked. I am constantly eating food and then moments later it will tell me I'm hungry again or I'm starving. So I'm basically eating baguettes and ham non stop while playing lol.

Picking up items by clicking your character feels awkward and is difficult, because you wind up walking around when you try and click yourself, and clicking the exact spot where items are is annoying to achieve easily every time. Set this to a button instead maybe? Like "Press ~ while standing over an item to pick it up"

I think exp from monsters should be upped, or maybe add more stat points per level or make stats do more (It doesn't feel like I get much stronger when I add strength) Maybe lower item requirements? (especially spell requirements)
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Re: My thoughts so far

Postby howlbreath » Thu May 04, 2023 3:31 am

Hi Zuul, welcome and thanks for all of the thoughts. For the inventory, if you hold SHIFT and drag a potion, it'll stack all potions of that kind where you drop it. If you hold CTRL instead, it'll stagger them all together to both co-locate and make it easy to see how many are remaining.
I'll get all of this on our list to consider. Yes, magic is difficult to use in the beginning. As you level up a magician and get more spells, they do have AoE effects and make it easier to hunt multiple monsters at a time. It does have a difficult curve in the beginning which does appear to be dissuading players from going that route. We've modified it some previously to make it a little easier, but are still looking at further changes.

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